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To host a dinner party, special event, start Home Meal Service or for more information about MENU FOR YOUSM, please fill out the form below, email us or call 847 648 6368.

We do not share your personal information.

Serving Chicago’s North Shore and Northern Suburbs.


Steve A.
Hermine B.
The Four Berries
Katie C.
Robert C.
Bonnie C.
Chef Alessandro F.
Chef Geoff F.
Dan G.
Gary G.
David H.
Mary Ellen J.
Joanne K.
Karry K.
Sonia K.
Jenna L.
Christine M.
Kimberly M.
Marilyn M.
Robert M.
Richelle N.
Aleksandra P.
Cindy P.
Ray S.
Tracey S.
Chef Allen S.
Lili S.
Sofia S.
David T.
Julie Y.
Grandpa Armenag
Grandma Martha
Mana and Papa
Mom, Dad and my family

All my supportive friends

SPECIAL THANKS TO Luisa, Alexander and Nicholas.

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