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MENU FOR YOUSM is committed to preparing meals with fresh, wholesome, organic ingredients, whether it is for your special event or simply a weekday meal with your family. Whatever your need might be, our customized meals will save you time, stress, and worry, as they are specially planned and prepared according to your individual preferences and wishes. We prepare gluten-free, ketogenic, paleo, Whole30, lactose-free, low sodium, low residue, vegetarian and vegan meals, to name a few. Outstanding service, quality of ingredients and a delicious finished product are what you can expect from every MENU FOR YOUSM occasion.

Gone is the stress of finding recipes, shopping, chopping, and laboring over nutritious meals for your family or your guests. MENU FOR YOUSM will remove that burden, leaving you with more time to enjoy your company and your meticulously prepared meals. Your safety, health and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to me and remain my constant focus. Dinner parties have never been easier to host, and fulfilling your family’s nutritional needs has never been more effortless. With MENU FOR YOUSM, your time, fuel
and family are yours to enjoy.

Photography by Steve Albrecht, Vahé Mekhitarian and Lili Shefa.


Out of the 655 Personal chefs in Chicago, MENU FOR YOUwas ranked in the top 13 in 2022. 

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